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Against Racism, Against Hatred Campaign

Celebrating Black History Month 2015.  The Abrahamic Foundation teams up with One Community and delivers the first of its kind in conference in Sandwell and Birmingham.  Bigger and better next year.  A massive thank you to all the volunteers who made this happen!

To me the earth's most explosive and pernicious evil is racism, the inability of God's creatures to live as One, especially in the Western world."
Malcolm X

The Abrahamic Foundation (AF) has supported a national anti racism campaign initiated by IERA entitled " Against Racism, Against Hatred." The purpose of this campaign was to promote peace and tolerance within the wider community through various activities. Thus AF took this opportunity to partner with IERAs One Community team, providing a platform to raise awareness of this issue, engaging the local community and educating them on ways to tackle this problem.

The AF Community Outreach team held this unique event on Friday 30th October to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X visiting Smethwick. This special evening was titled "Islam and Black History" featuring renowned speakers from across the UK.

We are pleased to announce that Smethwick has yet again marked itself in history 50 years on, echoing the wise words of Malcolm X, uniting the community and fighting racism in all its forms. The hall was filled with people from a variety of backgrounds; different age groups, different faiths and different races and so encouraging see our community sit side by side with one purpose - to overcome racism in modern British society.

"Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.
Rosa Parks, American Civil Rights Activist

To watch a recording of the event please keep checking our website and facebook over the next comming weeks.

"Oh Mankind, We (God) created you from a single pair of a male and a female (Adam and Eve), and made you into tribes and nations so that you may know one another (not so that you despise each other). Verily, the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah (God) is he who is most righteous of you."
The Quran, Chapter 49, Verse 13

Malcom X at Marshall Street Smethwick a few weeks before his assassination.

Qard Hasan:

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